Radiant Barrier Sheathing and Energy Efficiency

One of the most important items on future home-owners lists is energy efficiency. Common items chosen to showcase energy efficiency are hi-tech appliances, triple-pane UV windows, HVAC equipment, smart appliances, etc. However, there is another item that can provide substantial cost savings that usually is never discussed, roof sheathing.

Most people do not think of roof sheathing because it is underneath the tin roof, or shingles; however, for bang-to-buck ratio sheathing is a no brainer. What is Radiant Barrier Sheathing?


Sheathing with aluminum applied to the panel

A radiant barrier is a special panel, such as an OSB roof sheathing panel, with aluminum or another highly reflective material applied to one or both sides. This reflective material will help to maintain the desired interior temperature.

Radiant barriers keep a home cooler during the summer by preventing the sun’s heat from traveling into the home’s interior. The sun warms the roof and without a radiant barrier, that heat enters the attic and is absorbed by the insulation which flows into the living spaces below. A radiant barrier prevents this by reflecting heat away from the insulation, keeping it, and the rooms below, cooler.


Radiant barriers work best in areas with hot and humid climates. Working with the insulation in an attic can keep temperatures down up to 30ºF. This means less work for the HVAC system and prolonging its life, less energy used, and less money spent on utility costs. As an added bonus, radinat barriers are also better for fire protection than regular OSB panels.

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