How are we different from other design firms?

Texas Star AwardsWe are also an award-winning home builder, so we are not just a design firm. We have a unique understanding of design and construction that few firms can match.

We just don’t design homes: we evaluate the construction of the home to reduce cost and limit design conflicts that leads to delays and construction overruns. And our award-winning space design staff evaluate the home’s functionality to ensure it meets your design vision and functionality.

Design is more than open rooms, vaults, windows, door, arches, floors and cabinets. It’s also about how you will live in the home. In other words, does the plan meet both your design vision and functionality requirements.

Our process uses a technology driven architectural approach to design. First our designers’ experts create a sketch of your design. Then the initial drawing is reviewed by you and our award-winning team of Mike and Kim Blake. There unique understanding of design and function ensure your home not only looks amazing but also is a livable space.

Next the design creates a detailed construction model. Our advances 3D modeling identifies construction clashes and enables our construction team to help revolve design conflicts. As an end result, the conflict resolution provides more accurate construction set of plans which, provides more precise estimates and reduction in change orders and avoid costly delays.

Your final set of plans will provide you with a technologically advanced set of construction drawings. We provide construction drawing that includes; the floor plans, cross section of essential spaces, all elevations, roof plan, electrical plan, door table, window table, masonry estimate, foundation plan and site plan. Our goal is to have a detailed set of plans that answers all the little questions. A set of plans that can be easily estimated and plans that communicate the design intent and the construction details needed to accomplish those goals.

As an added bonus, MBCH offers an estimating service. We can professional estimate the cost of your home. How is this different than other estimating services? We will provide you with real time information about the cost of your home. That includes a bid or real time estimates so when you are deciding on a builder to construct your home you have something to compare their bid to.

In addition, we can provide you with unmatched industry leading detailed specifications. The specifications is the most important document as it relates to the construction of your home. Even more important than your plans!!

The specifications provide a list of all the little details related to the construction of your home. Most negative building experience revolve around the specifications. Specifications that lack detail are susceptible to cost over runs and leave customer feeling either they didn’t get what

they paid for or had to pay extra for something they thought was part of the contract. You can all but eliminate those experiences by having detailed specifications. There are so many options today not having detailed specifications is like cooking a gourmet meal without a recipe.

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