Make Basement Maintenance a Priority

Basement Maintenance

No matter what the season, basement repairs and maintenance are much easier to keep up with when you regularly spend time in the space. Since most unfinished basements are used for nothing but storage, few people bother to frequent them (much less examine them!). By making your basement a more pleasant, pertinent place to be, you’ll notice small issues more quickly almost by default. Waterproofing, sealing and finishing your basement is both a great way to identify small basement repairs before they blossom into huge ones.

Though foundation cracking is something that can happen at any time of year, winter frost heaves and soil shifts caused by improperly directed rain water make these seasons the two most important times to check for it. When dealing with foundation cracks, repairs are only as expensive as you let them get. Although not every crack in your basement is going to be a problem, only a professional can tell you which ones may be cause for concern. Get a professional inspection if you have any doubt. 

Also, if your basement is showing moisture during times when it hasn’t been raining, there might be some other issues. This is one case where proper basement maintenance is often a matter of fixing problems in other areas of the property. Since condensation during drier months can be caused by a number of reasons outside of your basement, it will take a qualified professional to pinpoint and fix the issue. Poor drainage, inadequate ventilation, plumbing and several other culprits could be to blame for condensation during dry periods. 




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