Is Your Kitchen Ready For Entertaining?


If you’ve found yourself dreaming of a kitchen that is perfect for entertaining, don’t worry—you’re not alone. In a USA Today poll in 2019, 69 percent of consumers polled said they wished they could spend more money on new appliances, 55 percent said they would spend more on new granite countertops, and 48 percent said they’d like a new kitchen island. Here are the five top must-haves for the perfect kitchen:

  1. The kitchen island is the number one must-have if you want a great entertaining kitchen. Not only can you fit the island with custom cabinets underneath and a stunning countertop, it’s extremely functional as well as beautiful. It also is a great place to show off your culinary skills and is the perfect place for your beautiful spread of snacks and appetizers.
  2. A roomy refrigerator is a must-have for a kitchen great for entertaining. Not only does it allow you to stock up on appetizers and finger foods but it can also serve as a beautiful addition to your cabinetry if you get it fitted with custom cabinets. Making your refrigerator custom adds a more cohesive, stylish look to your kitchen
  3. If you’re planning on entertaining a crow in your kitchen, you should invest in a double oven. The double oven allows you to time your meals perfectly without stressing over different baking times and temperature. Takes the stress out of cooking and more time to spend with your guests.
  4. A great host or hostess always has chilled wine (or other beverages) at their get-togethers. Anyone who drinks wine on a regular basis knows how crowded the refrigerator can get with numerous bottles taking up door and shelf space. With a wine chiller, you’re freeing up valuable space in your refrigerator and providing easy access to perfectly chilled beverages for any guests.
  5. There’s nothing worse than feeling cramped in a room at parties. If your kitchen will be the focal point at parties, make sure it has an open concept so guests won’t feel crowded. Make use of half walls looking into other rooms to keep the guests from feeling separated from one another and add a feeling of togetherness for your gathering.

If you’re ready to build your dream home and want an entertainment kitchen that will make the neighbors green with envy, call us today! Mike Blake Custom Homes can make your wish list a reality. (903) 878-7270

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