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Bidet seatBidet toilet seats – Mike Blake Custom Homes

At Mike Blake Custom Homes I am frequently asked to investigate a range of products.  I recently investigated bidet toilet seats for a client and I was so impressed that I installed a bidet seat in my personal home.

You’re probably asking yourself – what’s that.

Bidet seats utilize a water stream to cleanse after using the toilet.  I found the bidet seats easy to install and simply replace your existing toilet seat, they are not a standalone fixture or entire toilet.  The bidet seat is powered by electricity so be certain that an electrical outlet is nearby.  They provide an easier, more hygienic, eco-friendlier, more therapeutic, and more comfortable alternative to cleansing with only toilet paper. 

Bidet toilet seats are very common around the world including Japan (70% of households), Europe, and South America.  Although they are still relatively uncommon in America, they are becoming more popular every year.  My understanding is the main reason for bidet seat’s limited popularity in America is awareness.  Many people still do not know about them, but the truth is, after a week of using an electric bidet seat, I am hooked for life.

So how does is work? Integrated underneath the toilet seat is a self-cleaning nozzle system that sprays water at an angle. The pressure, and temperature can be adjusted to your satisfaction.  The posterior wash is used for washing the backside.  A bidet position (also known as the feminine wash) is positioned to wash the front.  I simply select the desired settings by pressing the corresponding button on the attached control panel.  My bidet seat also provides additional features such as variable sprays, air-drying and a heated seat.

Even though this was the first bidet seat I have installed I have a feeling it will not be the last.

Mike Blake is a luxury custom home builder in Dallas and Tyler, Texas. He has written many blogs about new building products and construction material. Click the link to find additional blogs.

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