Shining the light on Low-E windows?

Today most homeowners value and require more natural light.  Even though they’re invisible, infrared and UV rays have a visible effect on our utility bills and the interior of our homes.  Infrared rays increase your home’s heat load in the winter and cooling load in the summer.  As for UV light, the same rays that burn your skin fade and degrade your fabrics and furnishings.

Today window companies like Krestmark construct new and replacement windows with Low-remittance (Low-E) coating to reduce the U-factor by suppressing radiant heat flow.   These windows block a significant amount of radiant heat transfer, thus lowering the total heat flow through the window.  Mike Blake Homes uses windows designed for use in hot climates and prevent up to 40 percent less solar heat than ones with clear glass panes. As a result, less heat enters through the glass, so the house is easier to cool.

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) breaks the country into 3 zones. To meet the standards, windows used in areas like Florida and Southern Texas must have a SHGC rating of .40 or lower and a U-factor of .75 or lower.  Mike Blake Homes EEE program meets or exceeds these standards.

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