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Trending Kitchens in First Half of 2019

The first half of 2019 is in the rear-view mirror, and the seasons will be changing soon. Families will be spending more time indoors, in the kitchen cooking and having fun. Metrostudy and Meyer’s Research did a recent Consumer Insight Series, so what is trending in American kitchens so far this year?

Homeowners are looking to bring more light into the kitchen instead of cluttering them with cabinets. The natural light brings in a light and airy feeling, and reduces lighting expenses.

The most popular color remains white; however, homeowners are bringing in accents colors, such ash gray, wood, or more flashy colors

The time of traditional bulky cabinets seems to be on the downward trend. Flat paneled cabinets are becoming more popular and easier on the eyes. It brings more uniformity and sleek lines.

Granite counters remain king in the kitchen despite the current rise in popularity of quartz. According to the study 48% of consumers wanted granite, compared to 35% who wanted quartz. There are new products on the rise as well for homeowners with modest budgets.

Bringing flair into the kitchen by adding flashy handles, mixed knobs. Homeowners are bringing their own character out in their appliances, cabinets and decorations.

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