Outdoor lighting is a real art and the best results come from planning ahead!

A beautiful custom home represents a large investment of money, time and resources. Someone who has decided to make that investment wants the home to present its best features. These can include not only architecture and landscaping but also lighting. Don’t leave lighting as an afterthought, instead we encourage you to consider it early in planning, for reasons of creativity and efficiency.

Creative Opportunity:
New LED technology is energy efficiency, comes in an array of colors and has many price levels to choose from. You can easily transform a home’s nightscape in more ways than ever. Make a bold statement, create visual depth in the yard, or a beautifully lit patio. With so many fixtures and unique light sources now available, the possibilities are endless! A good design tip is to make sure the lighting fixtures don’t call attention to themselves but what’s being lit.
Done right, the lighting will draw one’s eyes to the beauty of an architectural or landscape feature with no thought about where the light originated.

Planning Ahead:
As with most aspects of custom home-building, it makes sense to start thinking early about the lighting budget. Equally important is whether or not to do just the basics or create a more dramatic statement. Our design experts at Mike Blake Custom Homes can guide you through this planning process and help you visualize how it will look. We love to create beautiful spaces!

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