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Kitchen islands are one of the most popular and useful design elements in the kitchen sphere. Homeowners can take this popular element to a different level integrating several island designs like waterfall countertops, under-counter appliances, and hidden charging stations. Here’s a list of elements to consider on your next kitchen island.

Waterfall Countertops

Homeowners are falling for waterfall countertops. The countertop material doesn’t stop at the edge of the island; it flows down along the sides, showcasing the beauty of the chosen countertop material from multiple angles. With this look, any island becomes a true statement piece

New Takes on Old Classics

Kitchen islands designs that imitate classic furniture are on the rise. And as their popularity grows, this is becoming more easily accessible. In keeping with the modern farmhouse trend, dining room tables and armoires are popular sources of inspiration.

High Contrast

The mix-and-match is making its way into the kitchen, and the island offers the perfect opportunity to present some contrast and add dimension.

Built-in Storage

Storage is the key to a tidy kitchen. Island designs with cabinets, pull-out shelves, drawers, hidden charging stations and even open display cases for mugs and cookbooks make use of every available inch.

First-Rate Functionality

Incorporating a cooktop, oven, or sink into your island can increase the functionality of the kitchen. A dedicated island cooking space will free up space in the rest of the kitchen, allowing for freer movement, better efficiency, and easier food preparation.


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