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This week’s blog post is continuing the theme of kitchen design and focusing on appliances. If you haven’t been following along, you can visit our Facebook page and our blog archive to catch up.

What are Flush Inset Appliances and how can they help you in your dream home design?

Flush Inset Appliances

Flush Inset Appliances are appliances that are on the same level as your cabinets, almost hidden. Appliances that are flush are merely for aesthetic purposes, but they can enhance a design if done properly.




Integrated Appliances

Integrated appliances refer to flush inset appliances that blend in with your cabinetry using custom panels and hidden components. At first glance, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the cabinets and appliances as refrigerator compressors are hidden and, in most cases, there are no large handles. Cooking appliances cannot be integrated but for refrigeration and dishwashers, this achieves a simple, high-end look.




Built-in Appliances

Built-In Appliances are the next choice.  Built-ins give a very consistent look and the appliances stand as proud members of the design. Clearance for hinges and doors need to be accommodated, but it does provide a modern and clean look. Colors can be used, however, stainless is the most popular finish.

Custom Overlay

Custom overlay is when the appliances are hidden behind custom cabinet overlays. These are very clean and modern if you would like to keep the focus on cabinetry and design, not appliances. Cooking appliances cannot be overlaid with cabinetry and, therefore, cannot be hidden.


Designing your own custom dream home can be exciting and stressful. Contact us today to start the conversation about your new home!

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