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Everyone Get Stoned, LOL


Let me clarify.  Today more and more buyers are interested in stone exterior and interior features.  Stone fireplace, archways, half-walls, floors, outdoor fire pits, grills, patio’s etc. abound.

There is not doubt that the use of stone is going to be a desired option for sometime.  With the increased interest and use of stone Mike Blake Custom Homes has seen an explosion in the different sizes, colors and textures to choose from.  Adding to the confusion is the interchangeable use of nomenclature to describe stone is different from region to region.  For example in the south Texas flagstone is a 3-5 thick stone most commonly used in wall construction but in the north Texas flagstone is 1.17″ thick and most commonly used on floors and patios.

Adding to the variety and widening

possible application is the introduction of nature cut stone.  The cut stone reduces the weight and allows stone to be applied without the use of a brick ledge.  Cut stone is particularly useful in remodels.  Yes, the prices are as varied as the colors and sizes ranging from $80 to $200 per ton.  Depending on the size and shape a mason can lay about 40-50 square feet of stone per ton.

Choosing what stone to use depends largely on the application.  In new construction, I recommend a “builders” stone that sets on a brick ledge.  On vertical interior applications like fireplaces and archways I prefer a cut stone because you can buy cut corners, which makes the install process easier and provides the appearance of thick stone.  However, you must be certain to apply a vapor barrier underlayment when appling stone to sheet rock.  I also prefer the cut stone on chimney applications.

Natural stone if thoughtfully selected and installed properly will give you years of beauty and durability.

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