Designer Metal Doors

Entry doors have become the gateway to our lives.  They have increasing become more stylized and represent the style of the occupants.  Most noticeable is the use of iron.  Ironwork has become art work as evidence by these beautiful metal entry doors by Loyal Iron Doors.  Artisans

using methods like the blacksmiths of old, heating metal, bending metal into intricate shapes and welding metal together to make these magnificant doors.  Apart from some modern technology the work is not much different than that of a blacksmith of 200 years ago.

The only difference is that steel has become much more consistent and is a better quality than it was back then.  In addition, they are less costly and lower maintenance than similiarly designed wood doors. Pinnacle Homes recently installed the door to your left.  It is a steel doors with steel frame.  The glass inside the door has it own set of hinges making it easy to clean and have open on those nice Texas mornings.  Click “like” if you think wrought iron is cool!!

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