Choosing A Builder

When someone decides to build a custom home, it is not a decision that is minor. Many hours of thought and mental and verbal deliberation have already taken place. With so many home builders in operation, choosing a builder can be difficult?

Conventional wisdom says that one ought to receive bids from three different builders. Custom homes, however, are unique by design, and cannot fit into neat little boxes. There are thousands of parts and pieces that go into a custom home, when choosing a builder these need to be taken into consideration. Plans need to be extremely detailed to the smallest fixtures in order to get a proper bid.

Evers home plans

During the housing market crash of 2007 almost 90% of home builders went out of business in the hardest hit regions of the country. The builders that did endure set themselves up to be financially sound during a market slowdown. New homeowners want a builder that will be around to service customers during a down turn, and take care of the warranty on a new custom home.

Value engineering is a term that means looking for ways to reduce costs while maintaining all the features a homeowner wants. A professional custom home builder will know how to value engineer a new home. Finding a home builder that is both designer and builder is the most efficient way to cut costs and ensure that all details are handled and the fewest amount of delays.

Rear elevation

Value engineering while designing a new home is key to reducing costs. Changing floor plans or materials, elevations or fixtures during the design process can reduce timelines.

When the builder and the architect are part of a team from the beginning you can walk the site with them and discuss design ideas and wants. the architect can visualize the dream of the homeowner while the builder is in the process keeping the costs as low as possible while maintaining the vision.

At Mike Blake Custom Homes our Plan Concierge Service will help walk a new homeowner through this stressful process, from dream to design to reality. Contact us today and we can get started on your dream home.

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