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This winter may be the time to buy a new home appliance!  Does your current freezer sound like a train lumbering down the tracks or does your oven cook unevenly.  I know at my home the refrigerator doors gets opened and closed constantly and has worn out the magnetic strip around the door that helps seal the door, which causes it to sometimes pop back open when closed.

Perhaps you are considering the construction of a new home.  Then this winter might be the right time to replace your old refrigerator or other appliance with a more energy-efficient model.

To help facilitate the purchase of energy-efficient appliances the Congress appropriated $300 million to be distributed nationwide to support state rebate programs for residential ENERGY STAR® appliance products.

The State Energy Conservation Office (SECO) has allocated 23 million dollars towards the State of Texas, New Appliance Rebate Program.  The initial rebate program offering in April of 2010 was wrought with problems which has led to a second offering of the remaining 10 million dollars this winter.

The money will go towards the same categories of appliances: refrigerators, air conditioners, freezers, dishwashers, washing machines, heat pumps and water heaters.  The program purpose is to replace the old appliance with a more efficient model, so selling or giving away your used appliance is prohibited.

Gourmet Kitchen with Energy Star Appliances

The state comptroller’s office is going to keep it simple this time: Buy an appliance, mail in a rebate application.  The comptroller will hire an outside company to dole out money until it runs out.  Rebate amounts will be posted once available.

Additional program details, a list of eligible appliances and answers to frequently asked questions will be published on the official state of Texas appliance rebate program website, part of the Texas Powerful Smart energy portal.

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