Custom Home Builder in Sulphur Springs Texas

Sulphur Springs Texas has an interesting origin story. Early settlers were drawn to the area for the health benefits of the many sulphorous springs in area. The village grew to become a city in 1854 when the first post office was opened.

Present day Sulphur Springs is the County Seat for Hopkins County and has a population of approximately 16,000 people. With a diverse economic base Sulphur Springs is one of the larger cities in East Texas.

Sulphur Springs is located on Interstate Highway 30 about 80 miles East of Dallas and 100 miles West of Texarkana. Sulphur Springs serves as a hub for much of the East West and North South traffic in East Texas.


Mike and Kim Blake are the owners of Mike Blake Custom Homes, a Custom Home Builder in Sulphur Springs Texas. Mike and Kim have built well over 100 custom designed luxury homes in East Texas since 2005.

Mike and Kim are well know and respected for the quality workmanship that they put into every home they build. They are also recognized for the innovative designs that they build. Mike and Kim offer custom design plan services to all of their clients.

If you are considering designing and building a custom home in East Texas you owe it to yourself to visit with Mike and Kim.

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