Custom Home Builder in Leesburg Texas

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Leesburg Texas is a small unincorporated community established in approximately 1860. Leesburg was named after prominent early settler John Lee. In 1874 Leesburg was considered as a possible county seat for Camp County but lost to Pittsburg.

Population in 1884 was 50 people. Leesburg reached a peak of 300 residents in 1896 but gradually declined to just 75 residents by 1968.

Leesburgs location close to Lake Bob Sandlin in the hills of East Texas has contributed to a revival in recent years as the population has swelled to something in excess of 300 residents. Leesburg is a popular destination for people seeking a vacation or retirement home away from the urban sprawl of the DFW Metroplex.

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Mike Blake is a custom home builder in Leesburg Texas. Mike has been building custom luxury homes in the East Texas area since about 2005, Mike has established a sterling reputation for both quality and innovative designs. Mike and his wife Kim have won design competitions for Kitchen and Bathroom designs and they are excited to help clients discover the latest technologies and design trends that can be used to make their dream home a work of art.

To start the process of designing your dream home in East Texas CLICK HERE and see how easy it is.

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