Custom Home Design Plans for Sulphur Springs Texas

Sulphur Springs Texas was first established in the 1840s as people migrating from the East settled to be near to the more than 100 springs that bubbled up from the ground. 

Over time Sulphur Springs became the county seat for Hopkins County in 1870.

Originally named Bright Star the city was renamed Sulphur Springs in 1871 in part to capitalize on the potential tourist trade that would be attracted to the area for the health benefits of the many natural springs.

A railroad built connecting Sulphur Springs to Jefferson in 1879 and the Carnation Milk Company opening a processing plant in 1937 were the two big events that marked the early economic growth of the area.

Now, approximately 80 miles east of Dallas along Interstate 30, Sulphur Springs is experiencing rapid growth as the North Texas area grows. A quiet rural environment, quality schools, and a more affordable cost of living are helping to fuel growth.


Many of the new residents of Sulphur Springs are successful people who are ready to build the home that they have always wanted. Mike Blake Custom Homes specializes in building custom designed homes. Mike Blake has built hundreds of custom homes in East Texas, many of which are truly one of a kind custom designs. Mike has an extensive library of home design elements that can be brought together to design the perfect home for any dream.

Let Mike Blake help you create Custom Home Design Plans for your Sulphur Springs Texas country retreat.

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