Radiant Barrier

Radiant Barriers are a hot topic especially in the sunny southern states.  Foil faced radiant barrier is an intricate part of Mike Blake Custom Homes, EEE Program.  There are many different types of after market barriers but the most cost-effective barriers are installed during construction. 

This process involves buying decking that has a thin layer of aluminum foil laminated onto the attic side of the roof decking.  Even though aluminum is a great conductor of heat energy it also has very low emissivity and blocks as much as 97% of the radiant heat.

In other words, the heat that normally travels through your roof and heats your attic is blocked by the aluminum backed radiant decking.

As a result attic temperature can be up to 40 degrees cooler, which puts less of a load on HVAC systems and cuts utility costs by up to 20%.